We propose a toast to toaster ovens

If you think that a toaster consists of no more than a heating element and a couple of slots for the toast, think again! Today, there are a wide range of different toasters on the market that offer many advanced features, including scientifically formulated heating sensors and the ability to toast bagels and large bread items and even heat whole meals.

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Toaster Ovens

The most familiar advanced toaster on the market is probably the venerable toaster oven. This small oven is one of the best toasters on the market to toast breads, bagels and other bakery items of virtually any size or shape. In addition, it has special settings that can be used to reheat or even cook other types of foods, from simple quick meals like frozen dinners, baked potatoes and mini pizzas to complex foods such as meats and poultry, roasted veggies and casseroles. A toaster oven is a great choice for any family looking for a versatile device for food heating – in addition to a toaster that makes great toast, of course!

Top Traditional Toasters

If a toaster oven doesn't suit your needs, you may be interested in a high-end traditional toaster. These KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Dualit toasters cost a bit more than ordinary toasters, but they'll make perfect toast, bagels and other toasted breads for years to come. At the heart of these high-end toasters are scientifically designed sensors that measure the temperature and radiant heat inside the toaster. Unlike a regular toaster, which may brown your bread properly using a hit-or-miss methodology, a high-end toaster keeps track of the state of your bread and ejects it when it is just perfect. The result is a satisfying crunch and unrivaled brown crumb.

When shopping for a high-end toaster, also consider any advanced features you might want. For example, the Countdown Cuisinart toasters have special settings that can defrost pastries and other frozen bread products in mere moments, as well as advanced LED controls and 6 toast shade settings. Also consider KitchenAid toasters with a special bagel setting that only toasts the cut side of the bagel while warming the other side. Finally, you may be interested in shiny chrome Dualit toasters which not only feature an appealing retro style but also use the ProHeat system for perfect browning.