Panini Press

Compare panini presses by brand and function

With a Panini press, you can transform a bland everyday lunch or snack into a delectable culinary delight. Panini presses are small, compact sandwich grilling machines that have non-stick coatings. Simply pre-heat the press while you make your sandwich, and when it's ready, put it in the Panini press, let the machine work its magic, and a few seconds later you'll have a delicious hot meal to enjoy.

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Panini presses tend to yield the best results when you use freshly baked artisan breads and buns instead of just regular sliced sandwich bread. These machines are excellent for bringing out the flavor of the bread, which can add a whole new dimension to your everyday sandwich.

Features of a Panini Press

Some of the features you may want to look for in a Panini press include:

  • Non-stick cooking surfaces to ensure your bread won't get torn or burned
  • Adjustable heights to accommodate thicker and thinner sandwiches
  • A large cooking surface to allow you to make multiple Panini sandwiches at the same time
  • Variable functionalities and features that permit multiple uses for the machine; for example, many Panini presses can double as indoor grills, allowing you to cook your meat before pressing your sandwich all in one convenient machine
  • Built-in safety features that will prevent the machine from getting too hot or burning your sandwich
  • Extended warranties and protections that ensure the Panini press lasts a long time or will be serviced or replaced by the manufacturer

If you're giving a Panini press as a gift, they make excellent companion pieces to bread makers. You can craft your own homemade bread and toast your sandwiches to perfection on your new Panini press.

Popular Panini Press Brands

There are many reputable manufacturers of Panini presses, but some of the top-selling brands include:

  • Krups Panini presses
  • Cuisinart Panini presses
  • Breadman Panini presses
  • Kenwood Panini presses
  • Breville Panini presses

Many of these manufacturers offer multiple models with various features, so if you have particular functionalities in mind, set your budget, do your brand research and find a great deal on a Panini sandwich press online!