The benefits of juicing

Are you interested in improving your health by adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet? According to the USDA and other prominent health organizations, you should be eating five to 10 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. But how on earth can you make enough time to consume all of these servings? Fortunately, eating the recommended amount of fruits and veggies is easy with a juicer. These handy kitchen devices quickly extract all the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients from fresh produce and turn them into a delicious, healthful drink, saving you time and energy.

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Power Juicers Make It Easy to Get Your 5-a-day

A Power Juicer is unlike any other juicer on the market because of its advanced 3600 RPM motor and attractive stainless steel construction. In mere moments, you'll transform whole fruits and vegetables into a rich, delicious juice. The Power Juicer pulverizes much of the healthful, fiber-rich pulp that is just bursting with nutrients that other juicers leave behind. Dietary fiber supports digestive health and whole-body wellness, so don't waste that pulp! Make it a part of your delicious daily health tonic instead.

Choose Omega Juicers for Flexibility and Power

If you're interested in increasing your consumption of dietary fiber but want a juicer that allows you the flexibility to determine how much pulp ends up in your beverages, an Omega Juicer is an excellent choice. By setting the Omega's Pulp Ejection and Mastication style, you can produce the perfect juice for you and your family. Omega Juicers also make perfect wheatgrass juicers, because their advanced mastication abilities make them powerful enough to handle tough, fibrous grasses and other greens with ease.

Enjoy Extra Capacities with Champion Juicers

If you're interested in making healthful juice but also want to be able to make other foods, such as nut butters, smoothies, ice cream and baby food, there is no better choice than a Champion Juicer. These devices are scaled-down professional juicing units that are easy to use at home and come with a variety of interchangeable parts that allow your juicer to double as a blender or coffee grinder. The Champion also includes an attachment that can grind grains and produce flour. There is simply no better choice for versatility and power.