Electric griddles and more

An electric griddle is simply a necessity if you want to be able to cook up all your family's favorite breakfast foods without having to make several batches due to limited space on the cooktop. Pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs and other foods all come out perfectly crisp and delicious every time on a griddle. Best of all, a griddle is nonstick and easy to clean.

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Electric and Gas Griddles

The first decision you'll need to make when picking out a griddle is whether you want a gas or an electric griddle. Both can produce perfectly griddled foods, but there are specific advantages to each. A gas-powered griddle heats up quickly and is great for browning and producing crisp edges on all your favorite breakfast foods. It is also cheap to operate, since it uses just a small amount of inexpensive natural gas. However, you will have to install it and hook it up to your home gas supply, which can be difficult and time-consuming, and may even require you to hire a professional.

Electric griddles also have advantages. They are freestanding units that plug into the wall and provide total convenience because no installation is necessary. Although they don't heat up as quickly as gas griddles and may not achieve such extreme temperatures, they are usually more than sufficient for the home kitchen. Choose electric griddles with built-in waffle irons and grills for extra versatility to produce a wide range of foods.

Selecting and Purchasing Cooking Griddles

It's easy to choose a griddle that has all the features you need. Check out Presto griddles if you're looking for a professional-grade griddle at a great price. Presto's "the Big Griddle" is a great choice for large families or those who frequently entertain because its ample nonstick surface area provides room for a dozen or more full-sized pancakes. Of course, there's also room for all the rest of your griddled favorites.

If you're seeking something a bit more high-tech, take a look at Cuisinart griddles like the Griddler. The Griddler features an innovative four-in-one design that functions as a griddle, grill, contact grill and sandwich press. It also offers a wide range of temperature and feature controls that make it easy to cook just about any food you can imagine.