Deep Fryers

Make your own delicious deep fried foods

Deep frying on the stove top is not only inconvenient and time-consuming, but it can also be dangerous. Hot oil can splatter, spill and burn, and you have to make sure to keep children away from the kitchen while frying. Fortunately, there are many great deep fryers on the market today that make frying almost any food quick, easy and safe.

Selecting Electric or Gas Deep Fryers

The first thing you'll need to decide when looking at deep fryers is whether you would like to go the gas or electric deep fryer route. Electric fryers can be an excellent choice for the home user, because they are freestanding units that don't require fuel or installation. As a bonus, they are almost completely safe, since the hot oil and heating element are enclosed deep within the device.

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A gas deep fryer is a little bit less user-friendly than an electric unit, because you will need to attach it to a gas source. However, in return, you get a unit similar to many commercial fryers on the market. In addition, a gas fryer reaches the perfect temperature more quickly than an electric model, making it easy and convenient to enjoy your favorite deep fried foods.

Selecting a Deep Fryer Brand

Now that you've determined which type of fryer to purchase, it's time to check out some brands. First on our list are DeLonghi deep fryers. DeLonghi has created an excellent entry-level electric fryer called the Cool Touch, which, like its name implies, is extremely safe to operate. Because the Cool Touch has an integrated lid and frying basket, you are safe from splattering oil, and all mess is contained inside the unit.

If you're looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, consider one of the Waring deep fryers. The Waring Pro is an excellent home fryer that has a generous 2+ pound capacity. It is specially designed so that there is no handling of the oil – it has the built-in capacity to drain and filter your cooking oil so that you can use it several times. Just like their blenders and food slicers, Waring deep fryers are professional quality designed for home use.

If you live in an apartment and are worried about frying odors, consider the Krups deep fryers, which are designed to minimize odors by locking in oily steam. The Krups Azura uses an advanced filtration system that destroys odors instantly. Because emissions are sealed in, splatters and mess also stay out of your kitchen!