Bread Machines

Learn how to make bread

A home bread machine is a great way to make wholesome, fresh bread and other bakery products every day of the week for a fraction of the cost that you would normally spend. Because your homemade bread won't contain the preservatives, additives or high fructose corn syrup in store-bought breads, your bread maker can help improve the health of your entire family. Of course, homemade breads also taste delicious!

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Home Bread Machines are Simple to Use

Bread making machines are all different, so consult your manual before you begin baking. In general, you will need flour, water, a pinch of sugar and salt, and a special type of bread machine yeast. Some recipes also call for milk, eggs, specialty flours and grains, and even dried fruits, chocolate or flavorings. There is no limit to the delicious variety of baked goods you can whip up in your machine! If you're looking for an even easier option, there are many different types of bread machine mixes available at your local grocery store.

Depending on your machine and the recipe you choose, you'll need to add your ingredients to the built-in bread pan and then select the correct setting. The bread machine will then combine your ingredients, knead your dough and then gently heat the dough to the perfect temperature to rise. It will then pause for a period of time for the dough to rise, perhaps run another rising cycle if necessary, and then bake the bread – right in the same unit! No need to dirty a mixing bowl or set a timer. You hardly have to lift a finger because the machine does all the hard work for you.

Buying Bread Machines

If you're looking for the right bread baking machines at the perfect price, consider shopping at sites that specialize in discount bread machines. These discount machines are the exact same as those available at high-end retailers, but at a fraction of the price.

When comparing cheap bread machines from a discount retailer, make sure that the machine has both the capacity and features you need. Keep in mind the fact that some of the smaller and more inexpensive units produce a small loaf which may not be the right size for larger families. In addition to size, consider whether you might want special settings such as variable crust selection, convection fan or recipe storage.