Kitchen Exhaust Fans

What are your kitchen range hood options?

Moisture, humidity and cooking odors can become problematic if you don't have an exhaust system located in your kitchen. Scents and smells will linger if your kitchen isn't properly ventilated, and over time, these can seep out of your kitchen and into the other rooms of your home. Moisture and humidity can lead to serious problems with toxic mold and even structural damage, and the best treatment for these issues is to avoid them altogether.

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Selecting a Kitchen Exhaust Fan

When it comes to choosing kitchen exhaust fans, there are two main things you need to know: the power of your stove in British thermal units (BTUs) and cubic feet per minute the (CFM) rating of the fan. The rule of thumb to keep in mind is that for every 100 British thermal units of energy your stove is capable of producing, you need a 1 cubic foot per minute of fan power. Thus, if you have a 10,000 BTU stove, the minimum fan strength you'll need is 100 CFM.

For your ducts, choose designs with as few bends as possible, and the wider the duct is, the better. Wider, straighter ducts are more efficient at expelling air to the outdoors, and aim for a rigid, smooth design. Rigidity and smoothness help all the kitchen exhaust fan and duct components perform at peak efficiency. Be sure to keep the duct properly supported to reduce fan noise and keep air flow rates at their highest.

Placing Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The optimal place to put a kitchen exhaust fan is over top of ovens. This ensures that problems like steam and cooking odors are promptly dealt with by the fan's mechanism of action. You'll have to install a kitchen hood if your stove doesn't already have one, as this allows for ideal placement of the fan right over the heating elements of the stove.

Installing a kitchen hood vent requires specialized knowledge and tools, so if you don't have the requisite experience, hiring a professional is strongly recommended. This ensures your kitchen range hood components will be safely and properly installed and will perform at a high level throughout their lives.