Vintage Kitchen

Find vintage kitchen appliances with history and charm

The vintage kitchen is one of the most popular home design themes. It makes extensive use of retro and decades-old cabinets, fixtures and even appliances, and it's also a very versatile look that can be used in homes of varied ages and architectural styles. Most often, though, vintage kitchens are installed in older homes as a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a well-aged house.

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When it comes to building a vintage kitchen, you're going to have to spend some time finding quality pieces that are still in excellent condition, or could be refurbished for an affordable price. Setting a budget when you start is essential, and you'll have to do your homework to be sure you stick to it -- restorations can be expensive.

Pieces for a Vintage Kitchen

The thinking behind many vintage kitchens is that in the past, things were built to last much more so than they are now, in the age of disposability. You can get years of enjoyment out of vintage kitchen pieces that are still in good shape. Here are some items to add to your shopping list:

  • Vintage kitchen appliances. You can go retro with everything from fridges and freezers (or even "iceboxes") to vintage stoves. If you're worried about the functionality of vintage gas stoves or other appliances, don't be.
  • Vintage kitchen sinks. Retro sink basins, faucets and fixtures make excellent additions, and these pieces tend to stand the test of time better than most other vintage items. Make sure that your fixtures do not contain any lead, though, as this could pose a long-term health risk.
  • Vintage cabinets and tiles. The hand-crafted quality of yesteryear will go a long way towards tying the entire kitchen together.

Supplement the look by going for hardwood kitchen flooring. No other flooring material will complement your vintage kitchen like real wood.

Find Vintage Kitchen Appliances, Cabinets and Furnishings

In addition to scouring local secondhand furniture shops and antique markets, be sure to go online. The Internet is an excellent source of vintage and retro home furnishings and appliances, and you just might find a bargain price on that last item you need to complete the effect.