Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchen decor to suit a large or small space

Rustic kitchen designs aim to replicate the immediacy and welcoming sense of the country. Whether you actually live in a rural area or have a home in the city or the suburbs, rustic kitchen décor is a classic choice that creates an inviting sense of warmth.

There are a few design principles to keep in mind regarding rustic kitchens. Following these guidelines will help you create a kitchen that has an authentic country feel to it without ruining your budget.

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Rustic Kitchen Décor Guidelines

Some of the design elements you will want to ensure you use in your country kitchen include:

  • Natural wood. The single most prominent feature of a rustic kitchen is the extensive use of real hardwood. Use it for your countertops, your cabinets, your table and chairs and your floor. Choose textured pieces with knots and a "used" feeling to heighten the overall effect.
  • Warm colors. Hues like red, yellow, orange and brown are excellent in rustic country kitchens, as they subconsciously impart an easy, natural feeling that reinforces the theme of the room.
  • A sense of fullness. Unlike a modern kitchen, which emphasizes a sense of open space, rustic kitchens work best when they feel full. Thus, choose cabinets and racks that have some depth and create a sense of intimacy within the space without impeding your ability to move around while cooking.

For your floors, use wide cuts of wood, or pieces of uneven length to create a sense of spontaneity. Other accentuations to consider include copper, brass, cast iron and wrought iron; these pieces give you an older, more pioneering vibe than stainless steel and silver-colored metals.

Above all, aim for an informal, casual feel for your rustic kitchen. To heighten this effect and save some money, you can use secondhand furniture or tables and chairs made from repurposed wood as the centerpiece of the room. The kitchen table should be cozy and small rather than large, and if you're not using a kitchen island in the middle of the room, consider adding a hand-woven rug -- it's a great accessory for a rustic kitchen.