Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchen furniture for a playful look

A retro kitchen design adds inventiveness and a touch of fun to your overall interior design scheme. Whether you just want to add a splash of yesteryear to a contemporary kitchen or go all-out with retro kitchen furniture, flooring, wallpaper and appliances, research is the key to creating an authentic and original look. Your first step is to defining the exact extent of your retro kitchen aspirations; do you want just a few pieces of period detail, or do you want to create a convincing and complete look? Once you've determined that, you can move on to performing your research and finding the pieces you need to complete your dream kitchen.

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Researching a Retro Kitchen

Beyond simply searching online, your local library is a great place to perform retro kitchen research. Many larger libraries have image collections, featuring magazines and publications from bygone years which may contain advertisements and illustrations of kitchens. This is a very effective approach if you have decided on a particular decade or time period to mimic with your kitchen design; if you want to build a 1960s kitchen, housekeeping and home and garden magazines from the era will be an invaluable source of inspiration.

Finding Retro Kitchen Appliances and Furniture

Just as you would if you were building a vintage kitchen, you should use a combination of online and offline sources to find the retro kitchen tables, appliances, wall treatments and window treatments you'll need to create the perfect look. Local antique dealers and secondhand furniture stores are excellent places to find diamonds in the rough and affordable vintage pieces. However, these places are likely to have smaller pieces, like retro kitchen clocks, instead of major pieces like appliances and furnishings.

Retro kitchen appliances may be a little trickier to find without going online, as your options will be fairly limited even if you live in a bigger city. Check out some auction websites and online classified ads to open up a national or even international market. The best thing about this approach is that it also opens up a complete range of pricing options, so you can be sure to stay within your budget while still finding the right pieces for your retro look.