Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen design for a clean and simple effect

A modern kitchen is a natural choice for a newer home, but it also creates a unique and striking effect in an older building. As an architectural movement, "modernism" is defined as the elimination of everything that is unnecessary. Modern day kitchens tend to have very little ornamentation and very little in the way of design flair; the ingenuity all lies within the selection and placement of the practical items you use every day.

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Principles of Modern Kitchen Design

In addition to the elimination of purely ornamental and decorative elements, modern kitchens also tend to heavily use:

  • Stainless steel. It is durable, easy to clean and highly functional. In addition to appliance surfaces, your countertops and sinks can be made from stainless steel to create a polished and contemporary feel.
  • Open designs. Given the principle of pure functionality, modern kitchens tend to have very open designs. Aim for a minimalist approach that leaves plenty of space in the room.
  • Tones instead of colors. In addition to stainless steel, modern kitchens make extensive use of black, white and various shades of gray. Loud colors are a no-no, and if you want to add a pattern, checkering is about as adventurous as modern kitchens tend to get.
  • Clean, sharp lines. Create a space with a lot of sharp horizontal and vertical lines that direct the eye. Many walls in modern kitchens are decorated only with lines of uniform or varying widths to heighten this sense of angularity. Symmetry is also a very important design element in modern kitchens.

A French country kitchen is a good illustrative counterpoint to a modern kitchen. European-style kitchens make heavy use of purely decorative pieces and add touches of flair throughout the room, whereas a contemporary design avoids them completely.

For modern kitchen furniture, choose pieces with clean lines and unadorned geometric shapes. For example, modern kitchen tables tend to have no accents on them at all; they're comprised purely of the table surface and straight legs. If you're going to use wooden furnishings in a modern kitchen, it's a good idea to paint them black or white so they don't clash or conflict with the other elements.