French Country Kitchen

French country kitchen decor with charm and comfort

Finding French country accents for your kitchens means paying a lot of attention to the little details. While you don't need to refurbish your entire kitchen to create a continental look, you will need to add prominent pieces that create a genuine French country kitchen feel. Start by learning which textures, colors, appliances and decorations will help you craft the authentic atmosphere of old-world French country kitchens.

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French Country Kitchen Decorating Tips

Do extensive visual research using online sources to generate ideas that will work well in your home. In general, you can then select your French country kitchen décor keeping these design tips in mind:

  • For your textures, aim for a well-weathered and very "lived-in" look. This might mean applying wall treatments that create a sense of use and age.
  • Wrought iron, rusted metal, natural stone and wood are all excellent materials to use in French country kitchens.
  • For your color scheme, choose a dominant color (white and off-white make good choices) and supplement with complementary earth tones.
  • Use decorative ceramic tiles, plenty of potted plants and terracotta accents to fill in small gaps and corners as you build out the space.
  • Glass doors, accented and decorative racks and highly textured surfaces all help your French country kitchen to seem more real and older than it actually is.
  • Get a lace tablecloth -- this is an essential item for any French country kitchen decoration scheme.
  • Cast iron pot racks, wicker seating and dressy furnishings with curves and stylized flairs are all common features of French country kitchens.
  • Pay attention to details like your kitchen curtains. Adding curtains with lacy accents and continental frills can add a great deal of genuineness.

As much as possible, you should select authentic French-made items, particularly those with vintage appeal, to create the space. To keep your budget in check, you can confine yourself to a few larger items and fill out the rest of the room with smaller decorative accents. For example, you might build the room around a French country kitchen table and decorative wrought iron wine rack, then sprinkle the shelves and corners of the room with linen prints, breadbaskets, lacy tablecloths and authentic china.