Wine Racks

Wine glass racks and safe storage of bottles and vintages

Even if you don't have much interest in wine, you probably have a few bottles sitting around your home in case guests drop by or a special occasion comes up. But why have those bottles shoved in the back of a cupboard when they would be better displayed (and more properly stored) in a wine rack?

Because there are so many styles of wine racks, it's easy to tailor your rack to your needs. For example, if you're not a heavy wine drinker, don't invest in a rack that holds 14 bottles. Individual wine racks are available, as are some that hold only two or three bottles. If you have a small living space, opt for a countertop or wall-mounted wine rack to store your bottles without using up precious floor space.

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Standing Wine Racks

Some racks are freestanding and support their own weight. Besides aesthetics, there is little difference between wooden wine racks and metal wine racks. Metal racks, and wrought iron wine racks in particular, tend to be finer and more ornate in their designs, while wooden racks are somewhat more customizable with the various wood types, stains and paint colors available.

When purchasing a standing wine rack, look for one with wheels that can be locked; this makes for easy moving when cleaning or rearranging furniture, yet keeps the rack secure when it's in place.

Hanging Wine Racks

Hanging racks are great for people who only keep a few bottles on hand or who don't have much room. They can be a cute accessory in a modern kitchen or a central conversation piece in a dining room. Many also serve as wine glass racks for easy, convenient storage.

In terms of long-term wine storage, hanging racks are not ideal. For extended periods, wine should be kept in a cool, dark place and stored at a downward angle so that the wine inside the bottle touches the cork (preventing the cork from drying out and ruining the wine).

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

For more permanent wine storage, try a rack that mounts directly to the wall. Choose a sturdy material that fits with your kitchen decor. Also, select your mounting location wisely — don't put the rack in the line of foot traffic or low enough that children could pull down bottles. Most importantly, be sure you securely and properly attach the rack to the wall and that your fastenings can hold the weight of a full wine rack, which can be considerable.