Kitchen Pot Rack

Free up cupboard space with a hanging pot rack

In the kitchen, where space is usually at a premium, functional furniture isn't just a good idea, it's often a necessity. Kitchen pot racks are one of the very best space-saving accessories on the market, allowing you to make the most of your unused wall or ceiling space while freeing up much-needed real estate in your cabinets.

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There are three basic types of kitchen pot racks: ceiling racks, wall racks and free-standing racks. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, which you should think through alongside any stylistic considerations or preferences you may have.

Types of Kitchen Pot Racks

Here's more about the three primary types of kitchen pot racks available on the market:

  • Ceiling pot racks. Also known as hanging pot racks, these overhead racks are mounted on the ceiling and feature dangling hooks from which you can hang pots at regular intervals. They create an intimate sense of enclosed space and are best in kitchens with low ceilings so the pots are easy to reach.
  • Wall pot racks. These racks look and function much like hanging pot racks, except that they are mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. They're a better choice if you have high ceilings, and you can also use wall pot racks in addition to ceiling racks to maximize your available space. There may be additional installation considerations if you have kitchen wallpaper instead of just paint to work around.
  • Free-standing pot racks. Typically, these wooden or iron pot racks are tall and relatively narrow, with numerous shelves that allow you to arrange your pots according to size or frequency of use. They may also have hooks on their edges so that you can hang larger pieces of crockery or other kitchen accessories for easy use.

If you're looking to make the absolute most of your kitchen space, pot racks offer an excellent solution. They are an inexpensive and very effective way to turn unused ceiling, floor and wall areas into highly functional storage space. Kitchen pot racks also add decorative value to your home and create a sense of welcoming intimacy in your kitchen.