Kitchen Island Furniture

Elegant and stylish kitchen bar island furniture options

For many, the kitchen island is an integral part of their space, whether it serves as a chopping surface, supports a sink or stove or merely provides a place for family members to gather. Whatever you use your kitchen bar for, the right kitchen bar island furniture can help you make the most of your space.


Perhaps the most common piece of kitchen island furniture is the kitchen or bar stool. Stools allow guests or family members to hang out in the kitchen comfortably, and they can also turn a large bar counter into an additional dining space.

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Three things you must consider when choosing the right stools for your kitchen island include:

  • Height: Will both adults and children be accommodated? How much legroom will be left between the top of the stool and the bottom of the counter?
  • Design: Will the stool have a backrest? How high will it be? What about armrests?
  • Material: Do you want a modern metal stool or a more traditional wooden piece?


Dress up your kitchen island and maximize your space with some fun, functional accessories. Premade islands come equipped with pull-out cutting boards, cupboard space for pots and pans, and locking wheels for easy transport. Additional options include built-in spice and wine racks, hooks or towel racks, drawers and tilt-out compartments perfect for hiding waste containers or storing food items like potatoes. The island's surface can also function as additional food-prep space, especially if it's covered in a thick butcher-block slab or granite.

Of course, any or all of these items can also be added to a custom kitchen island, as can sinks, stovetops or even dishwashers. What and how many features you choose will depend largely on your budget, as well as your needs.

What You'll Spend

Kitchen island furniture prices vary, depending on the material and quality of the pieces you select. Wood stools, for example, can range anywhere from $75 to $300 apiece.

Save some money by buying unfinished kitchen island furniture and painting or staining it yourself. With a larger investment of time and effort, you could save hundreds of dollars on the project.

If you're a real do-it-yourselfer, or you know someone who is, you could also furnish your island from scratch using kitchen island furniture plans. This option allows you more control over the design and construction of the furniture, but it requires a large investment of time and effort, as well as specialized knowledge and tools.