Kitchen Chairs

Choosing chairs for the kitchen

There's no doubt your kitchen table is a functional workspace, as well as a mood-setting showpiece. But you can maximize your table's efficiency and beauty simply by choosing the proper kitchen chairs.

Wooden Chairs

If you have a wooden table, an obvious choice is to complement it with wooden chairs. You can search for chairs that exactly match the material of your table — oak kitchen chairs for an oak kitchen table, for example — or you can choose a wood that offsets the color, grain and pattern of your table.

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The nice thing about wooden chairs is that they can be accented with kitchen chair cushions, adding comfort and a little diversity to your space. One hot trend is wooden chairs that incorporate leather for a sleek and stylish feel. Some wooden chairs use wrought iron accents, as well, which add to the weight and heft of the chair while giving it a very classy look.

Fold for Function

When you think of folding chairs, you probably envision those uncomfortable metal things you're forced to sit on at big meetings or community gatherings. But think again! Cute, comfortable folding chairs could be a great way to add some fun and functionality to your kitchen. Wooden chairs are sturdy and can be painted to match your decorating scheme. They work well with low-key decors, such as shabby chic or country style. And folding chairs are perfect for smaller spaces or mini bistro sets because they can be easily folded up and stored out of the way, allowing for extra room when needed.

Switching It Up

For a more casual — and comfortable — look and feel, consider kitchen chair pads. They can add a dollop of color and intrigue to your kitchen decor with very little money or effort. If you have a dark wooden table, try bright red or turquoise pads to brighten the room. If you're going for a country theme, select a flower pattern or gingham material. As a bonus, the cushions, which usually tie onto the backs or bottoms of chairs, can be easily removed for cleaning or to change the décor of your kitchen.

Back in Time

For a funky, old-fashioned feel, opt for retro kitchen chairs (a.k.a. diner-style chairs) made from vinyl and metal. There are myriad shapes and sizes of retro chairs, all of which fit perfectly with a black-and-white-checkered floor and 1950s-style appliances.