Kitchen Carts

Kitchen utility carts are great for smaller kitchens

Kitchen carts are versatile space-savers that really come in handy when you're entertaining guests or cooking for a large party. Available in a complete range of finishes to match your existing décor, kitchen utility carts offer storage for a wide range of commonly used items and can double as serving carts if you need them. If you simply need to make more room in your kitchen on a busy day, kitchen rolling carts can simply be shifted out of the way, leaving you with more space to maneuver.

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Kitchen Cart Options

You can get kitchen carts made from a full range of materials, including a full range of natural woods as well as plastics, synthetic materials, wrought iron and metal. A complete selection of stains and colors are also available, so you can either select a piece that already matches your existing décor or have one specially finished to create a better match.

Some kitchen carts are open, free-standing shelves with wheels, while others have cabinets and countertop surfaces. When you're considering the various options, it's best to think about the primary function of the kitchen cart. Will it be used for storage, or as a food preparation surface? Do you want it to hold cookbooks and recipe boxes, or do you want it to house commonly used spices, cooking oils and seasonings?

If you're interested in purchasing a larger kitchen island cart, be sure to carefully measure the available floor space in your kitchen. You should have at least three feet of clearance between the island and the nearest appliances or counter surfaces to ensure kitchen safety. If you allow less than three feet, you may not have enough room to move around in your kitchen, which can be hazardous in this high-traffic area.

You can also get a kitchen island cart that has all the functionality of regular *kitchen islands but offers the mobility of a cart. These are excellent if your kitchen opens onto a back patio, as you can wheel the island outside to have all your cooking utensils nearby when you're barbecuing or entertaining guests outdoors.