Breakfast Nook Furniture

Breakfast nook tables for any space

If you have some extra space in your kitchen, or a nice airy window in an adjacent area, then adding a breakfast nook is an excellent way to improve both the functionality and value of your home. Breakfast nook designs are usually simple and easy to execute, and can transform unused space into a lovely little spot to enjoy a nice, quiet cup of coffee or an intimate breakfast for two on the weekend.

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Creating a kitchen corner nook requires a little ingenuity and creativity, but with the right know-how, you can put together an attractive meal area that makes the most of your available space.

Basics of Breakfast Nook Designs

Most breakfast nook designs require furniture to be put in tight spaces, so you're going to have to be creative with your choices. Interior design professionals say that breakfast nooks should be placed in a corner or side of your kitchen, with transitional elements that create a sense of flow between the nook and the rest of the kitchen. Kitchen corner nooks are very effective when they make use of warm, rich colors, as this creates an inviting and intimate environment.

If possible, orient the nook near a window so you get natural early morning sunlight in the area as you enjoy your breakfast. As a practical consideration, space is usually at a premium when it comes to breakfast nooks, so you're going to want to keep the furnishings minimal and small.

Kitchen Nook Furniture

For your breakfast nook, you may need to choose kitchen tables with unusual, oblong or compact designs to give you the greatest amount of surface area while taking up the least amount of space. Rectangular, ovular or asymmetrical tables can all be used to varying effect in your kitchen, particularly if you have a modern or contemporary design.

If you have the space, you can attach fixed seating to the walls, allowing family members to gather around the table. However, space is at a premium in most kitchens, which means you may need to purchase chairs that you can slide under the table. Be sure to allow two to three feet between the table's edge and the wall to allow enough room to sit down and enjoy your breakfast nook.