Table Linens

Get a selection of linens for casual and formal occasions

From simple linen to embroidered lace, your table linens say a lot about the type of experience family members and visitors can expect when sitting down to a meal. Table linens include all the cloth on a dining room table – the placemats, napkins, runners and tablecloth.

Most people choose one element and then build around it. Casual meals may feature a single table runner as the main visual element, with supporting placemats and napkins. An elegant meal could feature a beautiful tablecloth to draw attention to the table, with table runners and napkins to supplement the runner's elegant look.

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If you plan to have several different cloth elements on your table, there are sets available that can help you coordinate. Otherwise, you may pick a patterned tablecloth and choose solid colors for your other linen elements. However, be sure to consider how well the set matches the cutlery, glassware and dinnerware you plan to pair with your new linens.

Types of Table Linens

If you're looking for table linens you can use every day, it's best to find something that's versatile, easy to wash and consistent with the rest of your decor. While denim or even spandex might seem like an interesting choice, consider the wear, stains and washing that your tablecloth will likely require and make sure the set's durability is solid.

French table linens are the height of fine linens and are known for their durability as well as their beauty. French table linens are often made out of linen or, sometimes, cotton. These linens are characterized by their smooth softness; no knots or snags will be found. In terms of finish, they can be sheen or flat, but watch out for any material that is overly shiny. An unnatural shine is usually the telltale sign of a fake or a cheaper material.

Many name brand stores and designers have their own linen collections for your dining room table. For instance, Calvin Klein table linens are widely sold and have the same high quality and unique design you'd expect from the label.

Discount Table Linens

There are many table linen manufacturers, and it's easy to find discount table linens if you check with retailers regularly. Many times, if a linen style has been discontinued, the table linens are discounted to encourage people to purchase them anyhow. Just buy a couple extra with the money you'll be saving and you'll have plenty!

It's also possible to find wholesale table linens, especially if you are planning on buying a large amount for a special event. Many manufacturers are online, allowing you to quickly compare costs.