Kitchen Wallpaper

Use a kitchen wallpaper border to frame your space

Choosing kitchen wallpaper is not an easy decision. The pattern, print or color you choose will have a major impact on the overall look and feel of the room, and it's essential that you select kitchen wall décor that will make the right statement in the kitchen itself in addition to matching the overall design scheme in the rest of the house. There are endless ways to use wall décor in the kitchen, from creating kitchen wallpaper borders around the ceiling and door edges to patterned wallpaper for a sense of design unity and enclosed space.

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Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

Here are some general tips and ideas you can use as you narrow down your kitchen wallpaper options:

  • Bordering. This technique creates contrast between the majority of the wall and its border areas, leading the eye in a subtle yet impactful way. If your walls are of a solid color or understated pattern, choose a kitchen wallpaper border with a more detailed design; if your kitchen wall décor is textured and busy, kitchen wallpaper borders can provide an oasis that balances out the effect.
  • Patterns and prints. Here, you can select from three main options: vertically oriented patterns, horizontally oriented patterns, or repeated patterns. Vertical and horizontal lines work better in more modern kitchens and for formal looks, while repeated patterns create a sense of filled-in space.
  • Solid colors. Modern interior design approaches are trending towards minimalism, so keeping your walls covered with a nice off-white, neutral or dark tone can be very effective in a contemporary home.
  • Stylized wallpaper. Choices like country kitchen wallpaper, which includes soothing patterns and natural tones, or dramatic kitchen wallpaper that provides a counterpoint to the other elements in the room are bolder choices that can work well if the rest of your house has a specific overall design scheme.

You can supplement your kitchen wallpaper with other design features, like kitchen clocks or a kitchen pot rack. When properly used, kitchen wallpaper has the potential to add a great deal of value to your home, all while creating more livable interior space. Invest the time in finding the right wallpaper and you'll enjoy the dividends for years to come.