Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towel textures and designs for style and function

Far from being an afterthought, kitchen towels afford you the opportunity to elevate the overall effectiveness of your interior design scheme. Selecting a kitchen towel that complements your kitchen wallpaper or paint shows attention to detail and creates a subtle but tangible effect that heightens the overall unity of the room.

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You can purchase kitchen towels in sets. A set might include a dish towel and a pair of smaller tea towels; this gives you options, as these sets are relatively inexpensive and can be rotated seasonally if you like to change up your décor accessories.

What to Look For in a Kitchen Towel

Many people simply look for kitchen towels that match their kitchen appliances and color scheme, giving little thought to its other features. If you're primarily looking for a piece for its aesthetic appeal or decorative value, this approach is just fine -- but if you want to be more selective, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

First, consider where the cotton is sourced. Fairly traded cotton products benefit workers in underprivileged economies and are a more socially responsible choice. Next, look at the towel's absorbency; the easiest way to spot an absorbent towel is to look for densely woven fibers and a thicker design. Finally, check the label to see if the towel is made from blended fabrics and to read the care instructions.

Hanging Kitchen Towels

Many people simply thread their kitchen towels through the handle of their oven, but this often leaves them in the way when you're cooking. Instead, you can install a kitchen towel bar in a convenient place that allows for easy access to your dish towels when you need them. One of the best places to put a kitchen towel rack is near the sink, either on the front of your kitchen counter or mounted on the wall above or beside the sink.

Care for your kitchen towels according to the manufacturer's instructions, and if you need to clean up a major mess, wash your towels promptly to ensure stains don't get a chance to set it.