Kitchen Sinks

Information on popular kitchen sink brands

Most people don't put very much thought into the place they'll do all their washing, straining and draining in the kitchen: the sink. Kitchen sinks perform a vital function in food preparation and cleanup, and you should put care and consideration into your choice.

Sure, most sinks can get the job done – but that doesn't mean that it can't be done better or more stylishly. After all, your sink is the most frequently used area of the kitchen and should reflect your style just as much as the floor tiling or kitchen cabinets do.

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Kitchen Sink Types

When considering new kitchen sinks, one of the most basic decisions you'll need to make is how many bowls to get. For a long time, sinks came with just one bowl, but in modern homes, many people are opting for multiple bowls that offer more flexibility and convenience. However, a single-bowl sink is still the best choice for a small family and for people who want to save counter space or don't do much cooking.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the traditional choice, and they're very popular, both in industrial and residential settings. Stainless steel remains popular even when compared with more modern materials because stainless steel kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets won't chip, rust or stain. It's also easy to buy stainless steel sinks because of the uniformity in the way they're graded; lower gauges are made of thicker steel and therefore absorb sound better (which reduces clanging and clatter). They're also less likely to dent.

Kitchen Sink Brands

Shopping for sinks can be a little overwhelming. As an introduction to the major manufacturers of kitchen sinks, keep these points in mind:

  • Kohler kitchen sinks are well known for their place in a unique line of "entertainment" sinks that are meant to impress guests with their highly stylized designs, colors and finishes.
  • Elkay kitchen sinks are the best-selling stainless steel sinks in the United States, for both commercial and residential use.
  • Stainless steel and granite are specialties at Blanco kitchen sinks, which produces millions of high-quality products each year. Blanco also offers a lifetime warranty on most sinks.
  • Franke kitchen sinks are high-end stainless steel sinks that have a high nickel content, reducing any chance of rust. They're also insulated underneath to help reduce any unwanted noise.