Kitchen Rugs

Keep your space comfortable with kitchen area rugs

Kitchens should be, above all, warm and inviting spaces where families gather to enjoy the simple pleasures of living. Of all the design accessories you might add, kitchen rugs are among the most effective ways to create that sense of homeliness and intimacy. They are an essential element in any cozy, warm kitchen, and they're also very practical as they protect your floors from the spills, splashes and foot traffic that are constants in any kitchen.

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Ideas for Kitchen Accent Rugs

Rugs are ideal in rooms that don't have kitchen islands, as they protect the floor while tying together the space. Kitchen area rugs are perfect if you want to take up a significant amount of space in the center of the room. You should choose a shape that unifies as many of the kitchen elements as possible. For example, if your kitchen is arranged so that the appliances, food preparation areas, cabinets and countertops roughly form a circle, kitchen round rugs make excellent choices. If your kitchen is more of a two-sided design, rectangular kitchen throw rugs will be a better choice.

If you have an eat-in kitchen, it's also common to place kitchen round rugs underneath the table to prevent the table legs from marking up the floor. This also stabilizes the table and helps to catch any food scraps before they hit your flooring, minimizing messes and making for easy cleanup.

You can also get kitchen accent rugs that are designed for use in a localized area. For example, it is common for kitchen throw rugs to be placed in front of the sink, giving people a comfortable place to stand as they wash dishes and prep food. You can also use rugs of this style in food preparation areas and near countertops to similar effect. These rugs should be thick enough for comfort, durable enough for heavy use and washable for the inevitable accidents that will occur.

Generally, kitchen rugs should be made of long-lasting, durable and washable fabric. This will help you get the most life out of them while not worrying too much if they get soiled or damaged from everyday use.