Kitchen Lighting

Unique kitchen lighting design ideas

The kitchen provides unique lighting challenges and opportunities; you want to make sure that you have enough lighting to use your kitchen without clogging your ceiling and walls with unnecessary fixtures.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

While low-hanging lights may be romantic in the dining room, they don't belong in the kitchen. Most people opt for flush mount and semi-flush fixtures when lighting for kitchens – this puts your lighting close to the ceiling and gives you room to work in your kitchen without having to worry about avoiding certain areas because of low-hanging lights.

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These types of fixtures are especially effective when planning kitchen island lighting. Because kitchen islands are freestanding countertops and are usually longer than they are deep, one popular strategy is to implement lights that span the width of the island itself. Usually, multiple lights are contained on one fixture, and the styles you can choose from include everything from pendants to ornate chandelier-inspired lighting for kitchens.

Another popular choice for kitchen island lighting is track lighting. Track lighting is flexible and versatile, with the ability to move and redirect light for your ever-changing kitchen needs. Track lighting is also available in traditional or modern designs, making your transition easier if you're renovating and going for a different look.

Kitchen Lighting Design

When designing your kitchen lighting, take a look at what the rest of your kitchen says about you and let that dictate your style. You could choose a highly ornate iron-based lighting scheme, or sleek modern silver might be better. Put up one large round light or spread the brightness out over several spiraling flower-shaped fixtures – it all depends on what your kitchen looks like.

As with lighting for all rooms, the best kitchen lighting designs blend form and functionality to make a useful but beautifully lit interior space. One easy way to do this is to take advantage of kitchen accessories like pot racks. A pot rack saves you kitchen space by giving you a place to hang all your pots up high. They can also hold the lighting you need, all in one simple structure.

Another way to blend form and function is to take advantage of all your cabinet space by using kitchen cabinet lighting. In fact, if you're planning the lighting at the same time you're planning your cabinets, you can opt for recessed cabinet lighting that will combine the two with an almost seamless transition.