Kitchen Knobs

Kitchen cabinet knobs for a quick and easy update

If you're renovating your kitchen or simply updating the look of your cabinets, kitchen knobs are essential design components that should be considered with every bit as much attention as your lighting, tiles and kitchen countertops. Kitchen cabinet knobs are available in a full range of styles to suit the overall look and feel of your home.

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You can also shop for replacement kitchen hardware for appliances. If you've lost or damaged one of your range knobs, for example, you can get replacements from the manufacturer or go shopping for alternatives that can give your stove a whole new look.

Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets: Styles

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet knobs are the most basic and straightforward style, though there are options that offer designs and stylistic flourishes that you may want to consider. A closely related style is the black wrought iron knob, which offers a more muted but equally functional look.

Wooden kitchen hardware is also very affordable and widely available, and makes a natural choice for most cabinet styles. The only time wood wouldn't make a good choice is if you're going with a more modern look in your kitchen and the room is dominated by stainless steel, whites, blacks and grays.

You can also get antique knobs, which look great with older cabinetry and furnishings. Antique brass kitchen knobs make fine additions to homes with a lot of natural wood, while adding antique wrought iron kitchen cabinet knobs is a safe and effective stylistic choice for just about any interior design style.

As an alternative to kitchen knobs, you can also get handles for your cabinets, or choose cabinet styles that require neither knobs nor handles, but simply have grooved panels along the bottom edge.

Sources of Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets

Don't limit your search to your local home improvement retailer -- there are lots of places where you can get both new and refurbished kitchen knobs. Many antique dealers and resellers end up with beautiful kitchen hardware in stock, so it's worth taking a look or letting the proprietor know you're interested in decorative kitchen knobs so he or she can let you know if any come along. Also, check with any stores that sell reclaimed or repurposed furniture; you never know when you might find a diamond in the rough.