Kitchen Faucets

Top-selling brands of faucets for kitchen sinks

If there's an overlooked part of the kitchen, it's the sink. By extension, not many people put much thought into kitchen faucets unless they don't work right or they work surprisingly well. As a homeowner, you can make sure you're in the latter category by choosing a faucet that is as functional and decorative as the rest of your kitchen. Buying a faucet for a wet bar? Intend to fill large pots with water? There's a faucet that's perfect for every function in the kitchen.

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Faucets for Kitchen Sinks

There are different things to look for, depending on whether you're just replacing your faucet or doing a wholesale renovation of your entire kitchen sink area. When replacing a faucet, you'll want your new one to have the same number of kitchen deck holes as the last one – faucets, taps, sprayers and dispensers all typically take up one hole each.

Faucets usually come in one-handle or two-handle types. In one-handle models, a single mechanism controls both temperature and water pressure; two-handle models have separate taps for hot and cold water. You can also get faucets that have high, curved necks that leave more space in kitchen sinks for pots and pans. There are also faucets available with attached water filtration units that automatically treat tap water.

The kitchen is a demanding environment, so it's important to have a sink that will last a long time. For this reason, many high-end faucets are made of brass and then paired with a zinc die-cast for durability and to keep the faucet looking brand-new for many years.

Kitchen Faucet Brands

While you can find many of the features you'd like in discount kitchen faucets, there are also affordable alternatives from some of the leading brands in faucets.

Delta kitchen faucets are available in a variety of colors and with a number of exclusive features, including a faucet that turns on with just a touch anywhere on the handle (a helpful feature when you have messy fingers).

Browse Moen kitchen faucets using the interactive feature on the company website, which is designed to help you choose the right faucet for whatever project you're working on. Moen kitchen faucets are perfect for do-it-yourself homeowners, since the company is known for ease of installation and design-it-yourself features.

Newport brass kitchen faucets feature solid brass hardware with ceramic disc cartridges and stainless steel accessories. They are an economical alternative, widely recognized for both quality and durability.