Kitchen Curtains

All about kitchen window curtains and accessories

Kitchen curtains, like most of the decorative elements in your kitchen, also should serve a practical purpose. Curtains can help keep out overly bright light and offer your family privacy when preparing food or enjoying a meal.

Types of Curtains

Kitchen curtains come in three main designs: valances, tiers and swags.

Valances are usually one piece of cloth, which is either straight along the bottom edge or scalloped along its top portion. Some people use multiple valances to cover a long window, or use two valances to create a layered look. Layered valances block out the sun when it is at its highest point, but still allow natural lighting to filter in during the morning and evening hours. When purchasing material for valances, buy a length of fabric that's double the width of the window for proper fullness.

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Swags are what many consider to be a classic curtain: one or two panels of fabric that draw apart to open or pull together to close. People often associate curtain swags with tails, which are the decorative lengths of fabric that hang down on either side of the window. Swags are popular in other rooms of the home, and are usually significantly shorter and less opulent when used in the kitchen.

Tiers are sometimes sold with valances or with swags. They are fabric panels that cover the bottom half of the window. Sometimes they pull apart, like swags do, to reveal the window. Other times, they are meant to provide your kitchen with a constant shield from the elements.

Kitchen window curtains are often made out of polyester, cotton or a combination of the two. This makes them easy to maintain. However, these fabrics can be altered to take on a different appearance, such as suede or silk. The design possibilities are endless, but some traditional themes include country kitchen curtains, patterned curtains and floral-print curtains. Whatever you choose, make sure your curtains complement rather than clash with the rest of your kitchen furniture and décor.

Kitchen Curtains Online

When shopping for kitchen curtains, it's essential to look online to get a sense of what's available. While you may be able to find a great deal in a traditional store, there's no way to beat the sheer volume of discount kitchen curtains available online. The same curtains you see in a traditional store might be available online for a tenth of the price, if you have a little patience.