Kitchen Clocks

A kitchen wall clock adds interest and convenience

Kitchen clocks are more than just timepieces -- they are an iconic part of kitchen décor, and have been for generations. They can be included in any kitchen style, from the sleek and modern to the stylized and classic, and you will find dozens of options to choose from no matter what kind of interior design or color scheme you're using in your kitchen.

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The first question you'll need to answer to narrow down your choices is whether you want the piece to be primarily decorative, or whether you want the added functionality of a kitchen clock radio. If you have a breakfast nook or an eat-in kitchen, a clock radio allows you the option of listening to the news or the radio while you dine. However, if you'd prefer a primarily functional piece, there are many other timepieces to consider.

Major Types of Kitchen Clocks

You'll find thousands of options in catalogs and through online and traditional retailers. Here are some of the major categories to choose a kitchen clock from:

  • Kitchen wall clocks. Wall-mounted kitchen clocks are popular, though their applicability depends on the sightlines and orientation of your kitchen. It's best to hang a kitchen wall clock safely away from sources of heat or moisture to ensure its working parts don't get damaged accidentally.
  • Analog clocks. Even the digital age hasn't dampened the classic appeal of an analog clock; these are available in every style, whether you have a modern kitchen or a retro look.
  • Digital clocks. A digital clock will work well if you have a contemporary look dominated by stainless steel, neutral tones and sharp, angular lines. Many ranges come with built-in digital clocks, but you can add another if you want to display the time from a different vantage point.
  • Antique kitchen clocks. Spend some time browsing local antique markets, or check out the offerings available through online antique dealers and auction websites. You might find the ideal complementary timepiece for your classic kitchen décor.

Shop for a piece that works with your overall design strategy and you're sure to find a timepiece that fits seamlessly into your kitchen and helps tie the entire space together.