Kitchen Cabinets

Find the right kitchen cupboards for your home

Kitchen cabinets are among the most decorative parts of your kitchen, and they also help you make food storage and preparation easier. Figuring out the right size and placement for your cabinets is the easiest thing you can do to customize your kitchen for optimal functionality.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Real wood is one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards because of its long-lasting beauty, strength and range of colors and looks. Wood from maple, hickory, oak, cherry, walnut and birch trees have all been heavily used in cabinetmaking for years, and each offers a distinctive range of color and grain possibilities for your kitchen. Wood has a high dimensional stability, meaning your dinnerware and glassware will be on a sturdy surface when they are stored.

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Laminate is also a popular cabinet material and can be customized to fit in with the décor in virtually any kitchen. Different glazes and finishes can make a dramatic difference in the way cabinets look, even when using the same base material.

If price is a factor, you may want to look into ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet sets. These are the new discount kitchen cabinets, and are of the same high quality you expect from professionally installed wooden cabinets. They do require some handyman skills to install correctly, but they can save you lots of money. When you're shopping for wood kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards, find out how much, if any, particle board is used in the construction. Particle board is not as strong as real wood, so know what each manufacturer is offering and weigh your options accordingly.

Cabinet Refacing

Instead of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards, another option is to simply reface them. Drawers, doors and cabinet handles are all removed and replaced, and a finish may be applied to cabinet ends and frames to update their look to be consistent with the rest of your refacing. To save money, some people leave unfinished kitchen cabinet doors, but most people end up finishing these at some point to better match the rest of their cabinetry. Some people refinish or repaint the interiors of their cabinets as well.

Refacing is a good option if you enjoy the size and placement of your current kitchen cabinet layout but would like to add a different look and feel to the space. It also protects your cabinets and lengthens their lives. The best part is that, if you're willing to do the cabinet refacing yourself, you can literally save thousands of dollars off the cost of replacing your cabinets entirely.