Kitchen Aprons

Find a chef apron to suit your style

Kitchen aprons have long been used to protect clothing from the spills and splashes that occur during food preparation. Having a chef apron to your repertoire of kitchen accessories adds a touch of fun, all while serving the vital practical function of keeping messes off your clothes.

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There is a wide range of kitchen aprons available, and these garments are made from numerous materials, each of which has different levels of resistance to liquids, spills and heat; the intended application will help you determine which cooking apron is best for you.

Types of Kitchen Aprons

Here is an overview of the main kitchen apron types you'll find on the market:

  • Cotton aprons. Breathable and easy to clean, cotton kitchen aprons make an excellent and economical choice if you have light-duty needs. White is a good choice of color, since it can be bleached clean even if it gets heavily soiled. However, these are available in a full range of classic colors, patterns and styles, including solid colors as well as dotted, speckled and checked patterns.
  • PVC aprons. A PVC or plastic apron is thicker, with increased resistance to heat and stains. These make a good choice if you're often working over cooktops with hot foods and splashing oils. However, care for a plastic apron isn't quite as easy as it is with a cotton apron, as you may not be able to just toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Instead, you may have to hand-clean it with special cleansers or drop it off for professional service.
  • Children's aprons. Having kids help out in the kitchen is fun and a good opportunity to bond with them while teaching them some cooking basics. To keep the mess off their clothes, you can also get pint-sized aprons designed for children.

Of course, you can also get whimsical and lighthearted kitchen aprons with fun designs or slogans on them, if you simply want to use it as an accessory when you're entertaining guests. A chef hat makes an ideal accompaniment to your kitchen apron if you want to go the extra mile with your outfit.