Kitchen Decor

Kitchen decorating tips and ideas

Your kitchen decor is the combined influence of many different aspects including the fixtures, cabinets, hardware, paint (or wallpaper), flooring materials and furniture against the overall layout of the room. Colors, textures, materials, lighting and space (or lack thereof) come together to give the room either an inviting atmosphere or one that makes you want to exit in a hurry. If your kitchen isn't to your liking, don't sweat it – you can make a dramatic impact without necessarily remodeling from the ground up. Here are some kitchen decorating tips to consider for your home:

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Kitchen Fixtures and Hardware

Want to visibly impact your kitchen without emptying your wallet? Kitchen lighting and window fixtures as well as hardware can give your kitchen a facelift without the scary price tag. While lighting tends to be more costly, it can add a dramatic effect that is well worth it. If you're looking to minimize your spending, the hardware route can work wonders. Replacing your curtain rods, hinges and the handles on your drawers and cupboards can give the impression of a much larger kitchen renovation project.

Kitchen Decorating

Rather than change the physical elements that make up your kitchen, you can change the decoration. Some ways to do this include putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a new shade, or replacing paint with wallpaper instead. A recent trend in kitchen wall decor is wall lettering. These rub-on letter stencils easily adhere to your wall and can be used for a favorite kitchen-related quote or motto. This is a great and inexpensive way to add some flair to your kitchen. Lastly, you can think about creating a theme for your kitchen such as going with a country kitchen decor. This particular theme can be achieved with soft colored walls, wrought-iron lighting fixtures, pine cabinets and furniture, antique reproduction plates and rounded knobs.

Kitchen Design

If your kitchen layout just won't cut it anymore, more ambitious changes may be required. Those that spend a lot of time there often want items like a double kitchen sink, more kitchen countertop space and plenty of storage. While redesigning your kitchen is by far the most expensive of the recommendations on this page, a redesign can offer you the chance to have the kitchen of your dreams. A well designed kitchen is a great idea if you plan to own the home for many years, or if you want to increase the value prior to putting it on the market.