Tea Sets

Explore shapes and styles of china tea sets

Whether you plan to use them on a daily basis or reserve them for special occasions, tea sets make excellent gifts and are very useful additions to a complete collection of meal-serving accessories. They are available in a wide range of styles, and there are dozens of options available across all price ranges. Basic tea pots can be had for only a few dollars, while fine china tea sets can cost hundreds or even more, depending on the quality of the craftsmanship and the reputation of the manufacturer.

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Parts of a Tea Set

While the components of an individual tea set may vary, these are the essentials:

  • Tea pots. Decorative tea pots are the centerpiece of any tea set. These should have generous capacities to allow you to serve tea to multiple guests, though you can also get smaller tea pots built for individual use.
  • Sugar bowls. It is good etiquette to offer sugar cubes or granulated sugar with your tea service, regardless of whether or not guests ask for it.
  • Cream pots. Small cream pots that store and cleanly pour cream are another essential, much like sugar bowls.
  • Teacups. In some cases, matching teacups will be provided as part of the set; in others, you may have to purchase them separately. Consider getting a couple of extra cups either way, just in case your originals ever break or get misplaced.

Tea gift sets may also include additional components. Complete tea sets also include saucers that match the cups, small service spoons for adding sugar and mixing tea, and serving trays that allow you to bring all the refreshments with you at the same time.

Complete tea sets often also include waste bowls, where your guests can deposit their tea bags after their drinks are done steeping. This allows for quick and easy disposal of used bags and helps your guests avoid the need to place them on the edges of their saucers.

One of the most glamorous options on the market is the silver tea set. These sets are stunning, and are excellent if you really want to impress important guests or add a touch of formality to tea time.