Spice Racks

Wall spice racks are great space savers

If you've ever been held up or frustrated by having to hunt through your kitchen cabinets to find the spices you need to complete a favorite dish, then spice racks are an accessory you may want to add to your kitchen. Not only do they help you organize your spice collection, they also help you save vital cabinet space for other items. Like wine racks, a spice rack also adds decorative value to your kitchen. They offer a great way to fill in vacant wall space while improving the functionality of your cooking space.

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Types of Wall Spice Racks

Wall spice racks are available in two main variations: wooden and metal. Wooden spice racks make an excellent complement to rustic or country kitchens, and kitchens that have natural wooden flooring, wooden cabinets or other components made of natural materials. Wire spice racks are usually made of wrought iron or stainless steel, and are available in a wide range of designs including simple, unadorned styles that look great in modern kitchens and stylized pieces with flamboyant accents and intricate decorative patterns. If you're looking for an economical option, you can also get inexpensive and durable plastic spice racks that offer full functionality for a price that's usually more affordable.

You can also get spice racks that are designed to rest on your countertop. Look for spinning spice racks that allow you to easily twirl the spice holder around so you can quickly and easily find the spice you're looking for. Place commonly used spices on the outside edges of the rack, or add labels to the lids of your spice containers so you can find them fast.

Spice Rack Ideas

Choosing a spice rack that's the best match for your kitchen décor may mean expanding your search beyond your local home improvement retailer or online vendor. For example, if you're aiming for an older look in your kitchen, you can get antique spice racks that have the look and character of a well-used and well-crafted piece from yesteryear. Check both conventional and online retailers of antique and used home furnishings as well as auction websites to find a spice rack that will perfectly match your existing décor.