Serving Trays

Serve up a treat

A beautiful serving tray is a wonderful touch when serving breakfast in bed, bringing food for an ill loved one, or even just as an ordinary casual dinner or snack in the living room in front of a movie. Serving trays are handy to have around the house, because they're convenient for carrying food and can help reduce the chance of spills or accidents.

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Types of Serving Trays

You can choose metal, plastic or wooden serving trays – there isn't much of a difference, other than the material. Select the trays that fit your home decor and personal taste, and make sure the serving trays you select are strong enough to hold a heavy meal. It's also a good idea to make sure your trays have some type of non-sliding surface so that dinnerware containing hot foods don't have a chance of falling or shifting during transportation.

Plastic serving trays are a great choice for children, and they are also handy for camping and traveling, or for use in the car. They are lightweight, inexpensive and available in a wide array of fun, vibrant colors. For traveling, it's easy to contain any mess within the boundaries of the tray. Many parents find that serving trays can do double-duty as activity, puzzle or art trays. Look for plastic or metal serving trays embellished with cartoon characters or other fun motifs to provide extra encouragement for kids to eat and play neatly.

Innovative Serving Carts and Trays

For something a bit more out of the ordinary, consider adding a touch of class with heated serving trays. These high-tech trays contain a small heating element or hot pack that keeps hot foods perfectly hot. Food stays at just the right temperature, no matter how long it takes serve and eat the meal.

If you plan to serve meals to larger numbers of guests or family members, another option you might consider is a serving cart. Similar to the carts you see in restaurants, a home serving cart lets you serve up piping hot meals in no time. Simply load up the meals into the heated service cart and wheel it out to the dinner table. The food stays hot and you don't have to make many trips back and forth to carry dishes.