Mixing Bowls

What to look for in a mixing bowl set

A good quality mixing bowl is an absolute must in the kitchen. But since mixing bowls are made from a variety of different materials, which type should you choose? And how should you select and purchase the most economical bowls for your kitchen?

Types of Mixing Bowls

The three most common materials used to make mixing bowls are stainless steel, glass and Pyrex. Stainless steel mixing bowls have an attractive metallic matte surface that complements many modern kitchens with aluminum appliances. It's a durable material that completely resists chips, cracks and scratches. Stainless steel is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, but if you plan to use your mixing bowls with extremely hot foods, you may want to look into other materials – stainless steel can become quite hot!

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Glass mixing bowls are non-absorbent and resist stains, but they are more vulnerable to damage than stainless steel. Pyrex mixing bowls resemble glass, plus they are lighter, durable and can easily be placed in the dishwasher for cleanup. For most home chefs, it's best to choose shatter-resistant glass or Pyrex.

Choosing a Mixing Bowl Set

The most inexpensive option is to purchase a mixing bowl set. Sets usually consist of three to five mixing bowls of different sizes, so they're a convenient way to stock your kitchen and ensure that you'll always have a bowl available for any cooking project. Because you'll receive a variety of sizes, you'll never have to use a larger or smaller bowl than you need, meaning fewer messes to clean up.

The bowls generally stack, so they take up less room than mismatched mixing bowls. If you're concerned about spills or interested in using your bowls to store batters or other foods in the refrigerator, look into a set that comes with lids. As a bonus when buying a mixing bowl set, all the bowls in your set will match and can be chosen to complement your existing home decor. For an even better deal, choose a set that also includes matching measuring cups and spoons.