Kitchen Utensils

Mixing spoons and more

The right utensils can provide an enjoyable experience in the kitchen. Like many people, you probably have a drawer full of mismatched or half-broken utensils that you dig through each time you begin to cook or bake. But why not de-clutter your kitchen by picking up a matched set of high-quality metal or wood kitchen utensils?

Types of Kitchen Utensils

The most common gourmet kitchen utensils include spatulas, whisks, egg-beaters, ladles and mixing spoons. A spatula features a flat, usually slotted, surface which makes it easy to lift, turn or manipulate foods in a skillet. Spatulas are available in a range of sizes and styles for everyday use. Make sure to select a slotted spatula if you plan to do any pan-frying, because the slots allow oil to drain away from the cooked food.

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A whisk or an egg beater is a necessity if you do a lot of baking. Use these handy implements to whip up some egg whites, whipped cream or cake batter. A whisk is also a great utensil to have on hand in case a soup or custard needs to be beaten smooth; just be sure to choose a nonstick, temperature-resistant whisk. Finally, every home chef needs a set of mixing spoons. Again, select nonstick, temperature-resistant mixing spoons if you wish to use them in hot and cold foods alike.

Buying and Maintaining Wood Kitchen Utensils

For nonstick utensils, select either plastic or wood. Wood has long been a favorite material for kitchen equipment because it is not only attractive to the eye, but also has an appealing non-scratch surface. Wood is also easy to maintain – simply rub with clear mineral oil to seal out water damage and bring out the beautiful grain of the wood. Keep in mind the fact that wooden utensils may or may not be dishwasher-safe depending on the type of wood and sealant, so consult the manufacturer's directions.

If you're looking for the perfect wood utensil set, check out antique kitchen utensils for sale at vintage shops and online auction sites. Vintage kitchen utensils add flair and style to your kitchen, especially if your home is outfitted with retro decor!