The best cups and glasses

The right glassware can make your dinner parties, family gatherings and even ordinary dinners sparkle. But how can you select the perfect glassware to suit your home's decor and match your existing dinnerware? Here are some tips that will help make your glassware selection easy.

Purchasing Glassware for Your Home

If you're looking for beautiful glassware on a budget, wholesale glassware may be your best bet. These glasses are the same ones you would find at upscale department stores and kitchen retailers, but at half the price or less! Due to manufacturer overproduction, you'll benefit by getting fantastic prices on high-quality pieces.

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Another option for those with discerning tastes is antique glassware. Available at estate sales, antique shops and vintage shops, antique glassware is beautiful and you can often find it at a good price. It can be difficult to find enough matching pieces to create a full set, but it's possible with some perseverance and the help of online auction and antique sites.

A final possibility if you're struggling to find glassware that matches your dishes, cutlery or the house's interior design and decor is to order custom glassware. Simply provide a pattern and make a few design choices, and you'll get glassware made just for you and your home. This is also a great option if you don't have a full set or would like to duplicate an antique glassware item, because your custom glassware can be made to perfectly reproduce an existing antique.

Purchasing Wine Glasses, Tea Cups and Coffee Cups

When you've selected your glassware, you'll also want to pick out complementing wine glasses, as well as tea and coffee cups. White porcelain is always a great choice for cups that will match any home glassware, but you may also want to select a complementing pattern or color.

When you pick out wine glasses, don't forget that white wine glasses and red wine glasses are two different types of glassware. Glasses for red wine are shorter and broader so as to allow the aroma room to expand properly, while white wine glasses are tall and thin to minimize oxidation. A champagne flute is its own entity, with a long stem and a narrow glass that keeps the champagne cold and allows the bubbles to sparkle beautifully.